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Help clients create the future

We adapt completely to your needs, challenges and objectives. We combine technological
expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results.

Consulting and Strategy

We promote the transformation of your business through innovative solutions and services

Design and Development

We develop projects of different scales, from Fortune 500 companies and the Government to NGOs and Startups

Products & Innovation

Innovation applied to business using disruptive technologies that open new opportunities

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Before traveling back in time, we devised a creative formula that would allow us to experiment and develop digital products; a way to put “the first block” of a new company (the cornerstone). Having a structure and a motivated team for research, development and
technology … our fundamental pillars.

This is how our study and laboratory was born, which since then has not only served us to investigate, but has also been helping companies and entrepreneurs to explore new
opportunities and build new digital products or services.

We have a formula to create ideas and develop products, to establish the foundations and the solid «rock» in each new client. We do it our way and we feel really connected to each product
we build and each start-up we venture into.

From the roots, there is an entrepreneurial and motivated team that is eager to take on every new challenge we face.

Santiago Lobo

Santiago Lobo


Founder. Santiago leads multidisciplinary teams to test opportunities for innovation, solve technical challenges and guide solutions from concept to reality.

Raúl Pérez

Raúl Pérez


Consultant. Raúl solves complex problems with creative solutions and excels throughout the design process, from ideation to strategic thinking to production.

Tomás Lobo

Tomás Lobo


Founder. Tomás assumes a main role in shaping the technological discipline through innovative processes, migrations, perform everyday operations, pilots and experiments.


Carlos Geijo


Product manager. Carlos organizes multidisciplinary teams to conceptualize and create trendsetting designs, products and experiences.


José Luis Béjar


Chief Operating Officer and IOT Director. Jose Luis coordinate the internal operating of the company and directing the IOT department.

Our services

We are a group of passionate designers, developers, thinkers and craftsmen who love the great challenges of research. Let's build something together

Business Consulting

We lead the transformation into companies. We take the time to understand your goals and align them to build your project.

Prototyping + R&D

Faced with challenges, we dream of solutions. Sketches and wireframes turned into interactive prototypes ... and then into complete products.

Experience Design

User-centered and goal-oriented design. We know that the best designs tell stories and inspire people to action, to dream, to change.

Software Development

We manage product and software development tasks using agile methods and the entire communication-based process.

Marketing Digital

We master the 4 pillars of positioning: Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Social Media and Media Optimization.

Technology Services

Together we plan, build and provide technology to solve problems. We guarantee safety and quality. We accelerate your time-to-market.

Our Partners

A source of inspiration and opportunities for those who have common interests